How to cover the fireplace with tiles?

If you have a house equipped with fireplace heating and are thinking about refreshing the look of your interior, tiling the fireplace can be a great solution. With a few simple steps and expert advice, you can create a modern and stylish fireplace yourself. In this guide, you will learn how to properly cover the fireplace with ceramic tiles?

Before starting the project, choose tiles that match your style and are suitable for the fireplace. Make sure the tiles you choose are heat resistant and easy to clean. Lay out the tiles on the floor to estimate what shapes and layouts will work best for it? Thanks to this, you will know how many tiles will need to be cut to fit the dimensions of the fireplace?

How to cover the fireplace with tiles – step by step

Prepare the fireplace surface

Clean the surface of the fireplace from dust and dirt. If necessary, apply a self-levelling compound to level the surface. This is the most demanding and dirty part of the job, but crucial to the success of the entire project.

Apply glue to the fireplace

Prepare the glue according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply glue to the surface of the fireplace with a trowel, spreading it evenly over the entire surface.

Lay the tiles

How to cover the fireplace with tiles in the right way? Start tiling from the center of the fireplace and then work your way outwards. Place each tile on the adhesive, pressing down gently to ensure proper adhesion. Use spacer wedges if needed to keep tile spacing even.

Fill in the joints

After laying all the tiles, prepare the grout. Using a trowel or a special bead, fill the joints between the tiles, removing excess grout. Make sure that the joints are even and aesthetic.

Clean the surface

how to cover a fireplace with tiles

Using a sponge and clean water, thoroughly clean the surface of the fireplace, removing any residues of glue and grout. Be sure to change the water regularly to keep the sponge clean.

Add the finishing touches

If you want, you can add plinths or other finishes that will emphasize the appearance of the fireplace.

How to cover the fireplace with tiles – summary

Tiling a fireplace is a task that you can do yourself, saving the cost of execution. It is worth noting that the cost of materials and tiles depends on their type and quality. You can find tiles at different prices to suit your budget.

Tiling a fireplace with tiles is a great way to refresh the interior and give it a modern look. Use these simple steps to learn how to cover your fireplace with tiles in a proper and durable way.

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