How much paint do you need to paint a room?

One of the easiest ways to completely transform a room is to paint it. You can estimate the amount of paint you will need by taking measurements of the space and entering those numbers into the equation. Remember the final number and take it with you to the store when you go to buy paint. Say goodbye to leftover paint cans that take up valuable space in your garage. How much paint do you need to paint a room?

How to calculate the amount of paint needed?

On average, one liter of paint will cover approximately 10 square meters. A standard door is about 2 square meters and a window is usually about 1.4 square meters. Since these areas do not need to be painted, they can be excluded from the calculations. For a more precise calculation, you can calculate the exact areas of your windows and doors by measuring the height and width and then multiplying them together to get the surface area of the window or door. Calculate the area of each wall that needs painting by multiplying its height by its width. Round each number to the nearest square meter to make calculations easier.

Then add up the area of each wall (excluding windows and doors) to get the total painting area. If you plan to paint the ceiling, take its surface into account. If the ceiling is sloped, calculate the area of the triangular wall space by multiplying the length of the wall at the base of the triangle by its height, then divide this number by two. Divide the total area of all your walls by 10 to get an estimate of how many liters of paint you will need.

How much paint you need – other calculations to consider

If you plan to apply more than one coat, multiply this number by the number of coats. Usually two coats are enough, but it depends on the quality and color. Painting a light color on a dark background, for example, will require more layers to completely cover the previous paint. If you’re refreshing the same color paint, one coat will probably be enough. A standard bedroom wall is approximately 2.4 by 3.7 meters. Assuming the room has four walls, one standard door and one standard window, the total wall area would be approximately 32 square meters. You will need approximately one liter to paint one coat of this room. If you are painting a small space, you may need less than a liter. Most paints come in liters, which will cover approximately 9 square meters.

Paint cost per liter

The cost depends on the quality and finish of the product. Lower quality paints with a matte finish cost from PLN 40 per liter, while those with a higher-class glossy finish range between PLN 80 and PLN 160 per liter. Designer brand paints often cost over PLN 400.

How much paint do you need for borders

Painting the borders a different color than the walls can really add character to a room. Consider painting baseboards, windows, doors and baseboards with a different finish or color. To calculate how much paint you need to paint the borders in a room, find the surface area of each border piece by multiplying its length by its width. Calculating the area of borders may seem tedious, but most borders have the same width, so you don’t have to recalculate each width, just the length. Add up these areas to get the total area of the borders you will need to paint. Then divide this number by 10 to estimate the number of liters you will need to paint the borders in the room. In most cases, you won’t even need a whole liter to paint the borders in one room.

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