Hand-made wooden Art Nouveau furniture – how to care for it, maintain it and clean it?

Hand-made, wooden Art Nouveau furniture is not only a luxurious element of interior design, but also an investment. With proper care, furniture can maintain its unique appearance for many years, thanks to which its value will gradually increase. Offering unique designs and refined details such as gold and silver leaf finishes, they require special care to avoid damage and maintain their unique quality. This guide describes the maintenance and care of handmade wooden furniture to help ensure its longevity.

Cleaning dust from Art Nouveau furniture

To avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt that may affect the appearance and condition of the furniture, dust it regularly with a soft brush or use an equally soft, dry cloth. Remember to work gently, especially around gold or silver decorations and flakes, so as not to damage them – scratch or break them.

Art Nouveau furniture

Avoiding water and harsh chemicals when cleaning

Water and traditional cleaning products can be harmful to the delicate finishes of wooden Art Nouveau furniture, especially those covered with gold or silver leaf. To clean these areas, it is recommended to use specialized preparations intended for the care of precious metals, which gently remove dirt without the risk of damaging their surface.

Protecting Art Nouveau furniture from direct sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and UV radiation can cause fading and damage to delicate furniture finishes. When placing furniture indoors, try to avoid places where it is exposed to intense light, or use curtains and blinds to control sunlight.

Art Nouveau furniture

Maintaining the appropriate humidity level

Too low or too high air humidity can negatively affect furniture, causing wood to crack or metal elements to corrode. Maintain a stable humidity level in the room, preferably in the range of 40-60%, to prevent this.

Professional maintenance and renovation of Art Nouveau furniture

If damage is found or the furniture needs to be refinished, it is best to use the services of professionals specializing in the renovation of Art Nouveau furniture. They have the knowledge and tools necessary to safely restore them to their original glory. Trying to repair cracks or warps on your own may worsen the current condition of your furniture if you don’t use the right tools or preservatives.

Art Nouveau furniture

Use of protective mats and pads

In places where furniture is most exposed to dirt or damage (e.g. table tops), it is worth using protective mats or pads that will protect the surface against scratches and stains, while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the furniture.

By caring for Art Nouveau furniture in the manner described, you will not only ensure its longevity, but also help maintain the value and aesthetics that attract customers to service establishments and beauty salons, offering an unforgettable aesthetic experience.

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