Grades of cement used in construction

Cement is one of the most important building materials used in the production of concrete, mortar and other structural elements. With the development of construction technologies, many different grades of cement have been developed to suit different applications and construction requirements. In this article, we will discuss the different grades of cement and their characteristics and applications.

Cement can be classified in many different ways depending on its chemical composition, physical properties and construction standards. One of the popular grades of cement is Portland cement, which is widely used in construction. Portland cement can be divided into different types such as CEM I, CEM II, CEM III and CEM IV Portland cement, each with different proportions of ingredients and strength characteristics.

Types of cement grades used in construction

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC):

Ordinary Portland cement, also called OPC, is the most widely used type of cement in the world. Three grades are available: 33, 43 and 53, which define the minimum compressive strength in megapascals after 28 days of curing. OPC is suitable for general construction purposes and offers good strength and durability.

Pozzolanic Portland Cement (PPC):

Pozzolanic Portland cement is used as an alternative to OPC due to its higher strength and durability. It is resistant to chemical reactions such as chlorine or sulfates, and corrosion.

Pozzolanic Portland Cement (PPC):

Pozzolanic Portland cement is also preferred over OPC. It is corrosion resistant, good fineness, long service life and high degree of impermeability. It is used in the construction of bridge foundations, offshore construction, hydraulic construction such as retaining walls and dams, and in basic masonry work.

Hydrophobic Portland Cement:

cement class

It is a more expensive cement than OPC and is not readily available on the market. It has hydrophobic properties and is not susceptible to moisture. It is used in difficult weather conditions and areas with heavy rainfall. This cement is mainly used in the construction of drains and underwater structures.


To ensure a safe and durable structure, it is important to choose the right type and brand of cement. Depending on the weather conditions, location and complexity of the construction, you should choose the right cement for your needs.

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