Glazed stoneware is a guarantee of durability for any space

Glazed stoneware is a material that is gaining more and more recognition among customers looking for durable and aesthetically finished tiles. Offering a wide range of patterns, colors and textures, glazed stoneware is perfect for various rooms and public spaces.

Glazed stoneware is made on the basis of finely ground stoneware, which consists of quartz sand, clay, feldspar, kaolin and dyes. Porcelain tiles are formed dry, fired at a high temperature above 1200°C, and then glazed by applying dyes and glass. The end result is a durable and attractive appearance of porcelain tiles. Glazed stoneware is used in kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, balconies and public places. Thanks to its properties, glazed stoneware is an ideal material for rooms with low or medium traffic.


The biggest advantages of glazed stoneware are:

  • high resistance to mechanical damage,
  • richness of patterns and colors,
  • low water absorption, which makes it ideal for rooms exposed to water or steam.

However, it is worth noting several disadvantages of this material, such as:

  • low frost resistance, which may limit its outdoor use,
  • non-slip properties in most cases.


The prices of glazed stoneware vary and depend on the selected parameters of the tiles. The cheapest tiles can be purchased for about PLN 30/m2, while the most expensive ones can cost even PLN 150-200/m2. Most people choose class III glazed gres, which is distinguished by good parameters and is suitable for rooms with medium traffic.


glazed stoneware

When deciding to lay glazed stoneware, it is worth remembering about the additional costs associated with installation and the necessary tools and materials. Glazed stoneware is an investment that brings benefits in terms of both aesthetics and durability. By choosing this material, you can be sure that you get a high-quality finish that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding users.

To sum up, glazed stoneware is a perfect solution for people looking for durable, aesthetic and functional tiles. Thanks to its advantages and a wide range of applications, this material is gaining more and more popularity on the market. By choosing glazed stoneware, we invest in a durable and beautiful finish for our interiors and exteriors, enjoying not only its practical but also aesthetic qualities.

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