Glass balustrades as a modern and aesthetic interior design

Glass balustrades are an increasingly popular choice both in public buildings, such as office buildings, offices or shopping centers, as well as in private homes. Made of glass with increased impact strength, they are attractive in appearance and functional.

Among the available glass balustrade options, there are self-supporting, rail and steel frame railings. Self-supporting railings, mounted directly to the ceiling, are characterized by the lack of visible fasteners, which makes them a more expensive and technically demanding solution. Railings on the rail, in turn, are popular due to the ease of installation and the possibility of finishing with various materials, such as wood or steel. The last option, railings in a steel frame, is characterized by increased resistance to external factors and a wide selection of designs.

Glass balustrades – characteristics

Glass balustrades have many advantages, such as:

  • resistance to mechanical damage,
  • resistance to adverse weather conditions,
  • easy to keep clean,
  • optical enlargement of the interior,
  • easy to adapt to various arrangements,
  • ensuring the flow of light.

However, glass balustrades also have disadvantages, which include:

  • high price,
  • high weight,
  • no privacy on the terrace or balcony due to transparency,
  • dirt is visible quickly.
glass balustrades


The prices of glass railings start from about PLN 1,000 per running meter for wooden and steel models with glass filling, while self-supporting railings are more expensive – from about PLN 1,500 per running meter.


Glass balustrades are a functional, aesthetic and durable solution that perfectly fits into modern design trends. They ensure safety, optical enlargement of space and ease of cleaning. Thanks to their versatility and the possibility of personalization, glass balustrades are an excellent decorative element both inside and outside buildings. When deciding on glass balustrades, it is worth investing in professional installation, because incorrectly installed may pose a threat to the safety of household members or be damaged.

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