Folding attic stairs – convenience and functionality

Folding attic stairs are an extremely practical solution that allows for easy and safe access to a non-usable attic. They guarantee access to valuable storage space for less used items, such as sports equipment, clothes or other things that are not needed every day. Thanks to them, you do not have to invest in expensive and space-consuming fixed stairs. Choosing the right type of stairs and their correct installation ensure comfort of use and safety.

Many owners of houses with a usable attic take advantage of the charms of additional space used for various purposes. Unfortunately, access to the attic is difficult, especially in the case of traditional stairs. That is why attic stairs are becoming more and more popular. One of the most practical solutions is folding stairs.

Folding loft ladder – characteristics

Folding attic stairs are characterized by the fact that they do not take up much space, both when folding and unfolding. After folding, they completely hide in a special box, placed in a hole in the ceiling. Thanks to this, they are invisible on a daily basis, and access to the attic is very convenient.

The assembly of the folding stairs is relatively simple and possible in rooms with a maximum height of 330 cm and with the dimensions of the opening in the ceiling from 50 x 80 cm to 70 x 140 cm. It is also possible to order stairs adapted to non-standard dimensions. Attic stairs come in two basic types: segmental with a wooden or metal ladder and scissor ladders.

Construction and assembly of folding stairs

folding attic stairs

Sectional stairs consist of two or three wooden or metal segments that form a single ladder when unfolded. Stair treads are made of pine or spruce wood or steel. It is possible to choose a different number of steps, depending on the height of the room. The permissible load of wooden steps is 150-160 kg, metal steps – 200 kg. In addition, remote-controlled models are available on the market, equipped with an electric drive, an automatic limit switch and a siren for warning signals in the event of fire.

Scissor stairs are made of metal members made of aluminum or steel, folding into an accordion. When unfolded, they also form a ladder. The maximum height of the room where such stairs can be installed is 330 cm, and the load on the steps – 200 kg. Scissor stairs are characterized by smaller box sizes, which allows for installation even in small openings in the ceiling.


Folding attic stairs are a perfect solution for people with a usable attic. Thanks to them, access to valuable storage space is simple and convenient. Choosing the right type of stairs and their correct installation guarantee safety and comfort of use.

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