Floor Panels – Lengthwise or Across?

When renovating or finishing an apartment, many questions may raise doubts. One of them is how to lay floor panels – lengthwise or crosswise? Due to their structure, with one edge shorter than the other, floor panels may cause some dilemmas regarding the direction of laying. There are two popular options, but the answer to this question may depend on many factors.

How to arrange the panels – lengthwise or crosswise?

One of the rules for laying floor panels is to place them perpendicular to the window. Why? The shorter side of the panel should be directed towards the window, mainly due to the direction of sunlight entering the room. However, the situation becomes more complicated when there is more than one window in the room, which can be a challenge. Often the solution is to arrange the same panels on the entire floor, although this may lead to a change in the direction of laying in other rooms.

Ultimately, the choice of the direction of laying floor panels depends on the investor’s preferences. Technical rules regarding the laying direction are convenient from the point of view of installation, but do not affect the functionality of the floor. The most important thing is that this choice meets the expectations of the residents and harmonizes with the overall design of the room. As is the case with other renovation decisions, such as choosing a combination of panels and tiles or modernizing kitchen furniture with the use of veneers. Ultimately, it is the investor who decides whether the panels should be arranged lengthwise or crosswise – at their own discretion!

When choosing how to arrange floor panels, it is also worth considering practical aspects. Paneling lengthwise can visually lengthen a room, while laying it across can create the impression of a wider and more spacious room. If we want to expose a longer wall and emphasize the depth of the room, it is worth choosing lengthwise laying. However, when we want to expand the space, especially in corridors or narrow rooms, laying them crosswise may be a better choice. Another important factor is the way the floor panels interact with other interior design elements. When considering the direction of arranging the panels, it is worth considering how it will interact with the furniture arrangement and whether it will help create the desired visual effect.


Choosing the direction of laying floor panels is both a practical and aesthetic issue. The final decision depends on the preferences of the owner of the room, his individual needs and expectations as to the final effect. There is no clear answer to the question whether it is better to arrange the panels lengthwise or crosswise – it is a matter of individual taste and arrangement context.

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