Exotic Floors: Elegance and Durability

In Poland, the fashion for exotic floors has been going on for several years, and their popularity is constantly growing. These floors made of wood imported from distant corners of the world delight with both their unique aesthetics and durability. In the article below, we will discuss some of the most popular exotic wood species and the conservation methods that help preserve their beauty for years.

Most Popular Genres

Exotic floors derive their uniqueness from wood from distant parts of the world. Here are some species that are particularly popular:

  1. Merbau (Intsja bijuga) – This species is native to Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. It is characterized by natural color variability, from yellow-brown to red-brown, often with visible gold threads. Merbau is an extremely hard and stable wood.
  2. Doussie (Afzelia africana Harms) – It grows in West and Central Africa. Its beautiful, warm amber-red color, sometimes with a touch of red or beige tones, attracts attention. Delicate threads give it a unique character. Importantly, this type of wood has a low coefficient of volumetric shrinkage, which means that it is not at risk of drying out.
  3. Jatoba (Hymenaea Courbaril) – Imported from Central America, South America and the West Indies, Jatoba impresses with its attractive colors, high hardness and resistance to moisture.
  4. Rosewood – This wood comes from tropical trees growing in South America, Africa and Indonesia. It may have a color ranging from chocolate to olive-purple with irregular streaks. Rosewood is exceptionally hard, stable and resistant to biodegradation, which gives it a reputation as a very decorative and elegant species.
  5. Teak (Tectona grandis) – This wood comes from India, Burma, Vietnam and the regions of Africa and Oceania. It has many shades that turn into darker browns over time. Teak contains a large amount of natural oils and silicic acid, which makes it stable, durable and resistant to abrasion, water, fungi and insects. This makes it often used for flooring in bathrooms and saunas.

Advantages of Exotic Floors

Exotic floors are gaining popularity for several reasons. Due to the fact that they come from climates much more difficult than ours, they have unique properties. They are much more resistant to moisture and water, which makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms, saunas and terraces. Many species of exotic wood are also much harder than native species, which makes them more resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion, cracking and deformation. An extremely important advantage of exotic wood is its aesthetics. The wide color palette and variability of shades are impressive and often determine the choice of a specific species for the floor in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. Exotic wood is also pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies and effectively suppresses noise, which contributes to improved health and well-being.


Wooden floors, including exotic ones, require proper care. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Oiled floors – If your floor is finished with oil, it is recommended to apply a coat of wax-oil sealer every week for the first month. Then you can move on to dispersions, used once every two weeks. Before applying a new care layer, the floor must be thoroughly cleaned with oil soap.
  • Varnished floor – If your floor is protected with varnish, use preservatives containing wax available from varnish chemical manufacturers.
  • Terrace floor – Regular sweeping is important, especially if we bring sand onto the terrace. In case of greater dirt, use warm water and a pressure washer. In winter, take care to remove snow to avoid the formation of an icy layer.

It is also worth paying attention to sun exposure floors and minimizing the impact of UV rays on the wood to avoid uneven discoloration. There are special varnishes with UV filters that can help protect your floors from the harmful effects of the sun.

Exotic floors are unique works of nature that combine elegance with durability. Their care and maintenance help preserve their beauty and unique character for many years.

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