Create a business card in the COMPANY DATABASE and take advantage of discounts on training and selected products!

DATABASE OF COMPANIES offers comprehensive information about companies operating in the interior finishing, renovation, installation and general construction industries. It allows contractors to advertise and present their services and completed projects, and customers – to quickly discover reliable and competent renovation specialists. People using the portal can easily search the COMPANY BASE using filters such as location, area of activity or photos from previous projects.

In addition to the business card itself, companies can send press information to the editorial office of the portal about completed projects, new products in their offer, promotional campaigns, participation in fairs and any other events that they want to show off to the world. This is especially important for companies that install stretch ceilings, because there is still a niche product on the market and this type of promotion allows them to reach a new group of potential customers. It is also valuable for the users of the portal themselves, who are looking for new, inspiring solutions in the field of interior finishing.

Companies that have a business card in the BASE OF COMPANIES become partners of the COLORISED portal and can take advantage of a number of discounts on services and products offered on it.

Each company registered in the COMPANY DATABASE receives:

The cost of a business card is PLN 450.00 net / year. All details on how to set it up can be found here.

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