Convector heaters

Convector and trench radiators are increasingly used in modern buildings and are increasingly replacing traditional panel radiators. Their advantages and high heating efficiency are among the main reasons for their popularity.

Convector heaters are ideal as a supplement to the underfloor heating system, in rooms heated only at certain times. Where the proximity of a hot radiator may cause discomfort, in heating and cooling systems with a heat pump and in rooms where large windows do not allow the installation of radiators other than very low or channel radiators.

Characteristics and application

Convector radiators consist of a casing that acts as a shield and pipes with ribbing inside. They transfer heat entirely by convection, i.e. air flow. They are perfect for modern closed systems with a circulation pump and control automatics. However, their disadvantage may be the intense movement of air, which is conducive to dust. In addition, convector radiators are difficult to clean, and the almost lack of heat radiation is perceived by some people as unfavorable.

Trench heaters – a variety of convector heaters

Trench heaters are a special type of convector heaters, which has recently become very popular. Installation of trench heaters requires planning and making openings already during the first stage of construction work. Trench heaters are perfect for situations where it is necessary to maintain good visibility through display windows at all times. They are also increasingly used in single-family housing. Mainly due to the fact that they very effectively protect against the influx of cold air from the outside and eliminate the effect of cold.

A trench heater practically does not interfere with the functionality of the interior – the only visible element is usually an elegant grid integrated into the floor, under which the heating element is placed. The finish of the floor (as opposed to floor tiles, which requires materials with appropriate thermal conductivity) can be completely arbitrary, it can be, for example, traditional parquet. The masking grilles themselves can also be made of wood.


convector heaters

Trench heaters are a great solution for people who appreciate high quality of heating and elegant appearance of rooms. Compared to other types of radiators, convector and trench radiators have many advantages. Między innymi, małą masę i pojemność wodną, krótki czas nagrzewania oraz niewielkie rozmiary. In addition, radiators with a very low height work effectively and have the option of mounting in channels in the floor.

However, it is worth remembering that convector and trench heaters have their disadvantages. These include intense air movement, troublesome cleaning and almost no heat radiation. Therefore, before choosing a convector or trench heater, you should carefully consider your needs and the advantages and disadvantages of a given solution.

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