Comfortable and eco-friendly ideas for cork flooring

Are you looking for a floor material that is attractive, pleasant to the feet and environmentally friendly? Cork flooring may be the perfect solution for you. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak, which can live for over two hundred years, and the bark regrows after harvesting. Most cork flooring is made from production waste from other processes, such as the production of bottle corks. It is an environmentally friendly material!

Cork flooring has many advantages. They are extremely comfortable, resilient and durable. Thanks to their flexibility, they can save your favorite dish from breaking when it falls on the floor. The cork floor is also an excellent heat and sound insulator, which makes it warm to the touch and absorbs sounds. In addition, cork floors have antistatic properties and hide dirt.

Fun fact: If someone in your home suffers from allergies, a cork floor is a great choice because it does not attract dust. In addition, it contains natural ingredients that repel mold and insects.

Materials and costs of cork flooring

Cork floors can be professionally installed in your home in the form of tiles or planks. They are available in various shades and textures, you can also find versions with vivid colors or imitating other materials, such as stone, tiles or wood. Cork is an excellent option for rooms where we need warmth and comfort, e.g. in the living room, office or bedroom. Cork floors can also be installed in the kitchen, but it is worth placing rugs or mats in front of the sink and stove to protect the surface from dirt.

The cost of a cork floor is from PLN 15 per square meter. Choose thicker products as thinner ones are less durable.

Care of cork floors

cork flooring

Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to avoid scratching. Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to avoid scratching. Secure furniture legs with pads, and place heavy objects on the pads to avoid creasing or damage. Also, keep in mind that the color of cork flooring may fade in direct sunlight. In this case, it is worth covering the windows during the hours of the greatest sunlight.

Whether the cork floor you choose is pre-treated or not, it is a good idea to apply a layer of clear polyurethane from time to time to protect the material from damage. Another option is to use wax, but then it will be necessary to remove the old layer and apply a new one more often.


Cork floors are an innovative, comfortable and ecological solution for every home. Thanks to their insulating and antistatic properties and the ability to hide dirt, they are an excellent choice for people looking for a durable and aesthetic floor material.

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