Chłodzenie płaszczyznowe jako innowacyjna alternatywa klimatyzacji

Surface cooling, based on the popular underfloor technology, is becoming an increasingly popular choice among people looking for modern and effective heating solutions in their home. Thanks to this system, instead of traditional air conditioners, you can get thermal comfort in the apartment using a water surface heating system.

Most heating systems with a ground source heat pump are adapted to work in surface cooling mode. The heat pump can work actively, pumping heat in the opposite direction than in heating mode. It can also be turned off, and then it uses water from the lower heat source for cooling. From the pump operating then analogously to the air ground heat exchanger (so-called passive cooling).

Can such a system be installed without a heat pump?

Surface cooling is also possible in systems without a heat pump. Solutions are available involving the use of groundwater. The heat exchanger is supplied with water flowing from the intake well to the absorption well. Another option is to install an ice water generator, which, however, is very energy-intensive and expensive to operate.

Companies offering water cooling devices emphasize that it is a healthier solution than air cooling, eliminating cold air and problems with bacteria accumulating in ventilation ducts. However, it should be remembered that surface cooling also has its disadvantages. The most noticeable cooling occurs at the floor, which may not suit everyone.

Operating limitations

The intensity of cooling is limited by the phenomenon of condensation of moisture from the air on the surface of the cold floor. To avoid this problem, special cooling can be used (the floor temperature must be only slightly lower than the air temperature). You can also use advanced control systems that take into account the temperature and humidity in the cooled room.


surface cooling

Surface cooling is an innovative and effective solution that allows you to achieve thermal comfort in rooms. More and more people are choosing this form of cooling. Appreciate its advantages, such as health, energy savings and minimizing environmental impact. At the same time, it is worth being aware of the limitations and challenges to be able to fully enjoy the comfort and efficiency of this system.

As the surface cooling equipment market continues to grow, we can expect even more interest in this innovative solution. Both among individual clients and companies operating in the construction sector. Surface cooling has the potential to become a standard in modern construction, offering high living comfort while taking care of the environment and sustainable use of energy.

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