Ceiling idea – 10 alternatives to a regular ceiling

Plain white ceilings are the basis of most rooms. But that’s not the only option. If you like to introduce color, pattern or interesting elements to your interior design in an unconventional way. All you need is a good idea for the ceiling and aesthetic execution to change the interior. Here are some alternative ceiling ideas to consider.

Ceiling idea: 10 alternatives to a regular ceiling

  1. Bright Paint. If you don’t want your walls to be completely light but would still like to add an unexpected dose of color, the ceiling is the perfect place. Keep the rest of the walls a fairly neutral shade and choose a color that will complement them while brightening the space.
  2. Ceiling Panels. Square panels are probably the most popular option for ceilings, next to white paint. However, there are some very interesting options, but even a fairly simple square pattern can add some depth to your room.
  3. Wallpaper. The ceiling is a place where you don’t usually see wallpaper, but you can apply it there just as easily as on the walls. And if you’re a pattern lover, this can be a great way to add some to your room without covering every wall.
  4. Wooden boards. If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling with exposed beams or other wood finishes, you don’t need to take any steps to spruce up your ceiling. But even if these elements are not yet part of the structure of your home, you can add them as a design element.
  5. Simple Patterns. You love patterns but you’re not a big fan of wallpaper? You can simply paint simple patterns such as stripes or other geometric elements on your ceiling using stencils or painter’s tape. The colors can be as bright or subtle as you wish.

The ceiling doesn’t have to be boring!

  1. Delicate Colors. If your walls are pure white and an all-white ceiling seems too sterile, but you don’t necessarily want a bright color, soft shades can very well add depth and interest.
  2. Expressive Tiles. As with simple square panels, there are many decorative tile options available for ceilings. You can choose from a variety of patterns, colors and materials to match the rest of your room.
  3. Additional Lighting. Lighting is essential in every room for practical reasons, but it can also act as a decorative element of the ceiling. In addition to just framing the light, consider a panel or other decorative accent directly on the ceiling to highlight the lighting.
  4. Fastening Elements. Ceilings, both white and other, can become more interesting with decorative fasteners. The mount can cover the entire room, lighting fixtures or other decorative accents.
  5. Decorative Paint. Another option to highlight light fixtures or introduce a focal point on the ceiling is to paint detailed accents around these areas. This may require the help of a professional or some artistic skills, but it can really be worth it.
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