Carpet stairs – pros and cons of the solution

Carpet stairs are a unique solution that refers to the construction of self-supporting stairs, differing from traditional openwork stairs. It is worth taking a closer look at this unusual staircase design and understanding its features, advantages and disadvantages.

Aesthetics and minimalism in interior design

Stairs in modern homes are no longer just a functional element leading us to a higher floor. Contemporary interior design integrates stairs into the space, using them as an attractive design element. Carpet stairs are an ideal option for lovers of the principle “less is more”. They are characterized by a minimalist form and material aesthetics. Their creation requires great construction and carpentry skills because, despite their visual simplicity, they attract attention both with their form and workmanship.

Construction and assembly

Carpet stairs are made to order, available in straight, curved or fan-shaped versions. The lack of “stringers” in the structure means that other elements, such as steps, risers and balustrades, must carry the loads. This makes them relatively massive, usually with a thickness of steps and risers of about 10 cm, although some manufacturers offer slightly lighter versions with a thickness of 7 cm. Installing carpet stairs is more demanding than traditional openwork stairs. It must be attached to walls, pillars or other load-bearing elements, which can be a challenge depending on the installation location.

Safety and comfort considerations

Carpet stairs do not have “noses”, which introduces some considerations regarding the height and depth of the steps. The structure may be less convenient to use than traditional openwork stairs. For ease of climbing, the number of steps in one run should not exceed 17.

Materials and quality

The materials used to construct carpet stairs are usually similar to those used in traditional stairs. Hard types of wood, glulam, plywood and metal connectors are used. However, due to the exposed nature of the stairs, the details must be of excellent quality.

Price and availability

Carpet stairs costs depend on many factors such as materials and design. The average cost of one degree is from PLN 800 to PLN 1,200. Wooden carpet stairs with a balustrade made of ash can cost about PLN 35,000. Although these are expenses, minimalist carpet stairs look great.

Safety and assembly

Correctly installed stairs are durable, stable and safe. If there are no connections between the steps, it is necessary to install a balustrade, which not only increases safety, but also constitutes a decorative element.

Carpet stairs – summary

Carpet stairs are not only a functional element, but also decorative. Their minimalist character and unique design attract attention. However, their installation and construction require care and attention, and potential users should carefully consider their comfort and safety depending on their needs. It is also worth investing in carpet stairs made by an experienced carpenter to achieve the best results.

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