Broken window – how to care for it and prevent breakdowns?

Windows are an investment for years, so it is worth understanding how to care for them so that they serve for a long time. It is also worth knowing what steps to take if it turns out that the window is broken and when it is necessary to repair or replace it.

Before we take care of the windows, it is worth taking a look at their structure. Understanding the mechanics of how a window works can help prevent failure. A window consists of many elements, such as a frame, sash, and mechanical elements that facilitate everyday use. We open and close windows every day, which means they are subjected to a lot of use. Assuming that the window should last about 20 years, this means about 15,000 opening and closing cycles. That’s why it’s so important to adjust your windows regularly, at least once every two years.

Broken window – why do windows stop working properly?

Some of the most common problems window users encounter are:

  1. A window or sash creaks when opening or closing. In this case, the cause may be malfunctioning fittings, which usually require adjustment.
  2. Difficulty turning the door handle or the door handle turning around. Handle failure may result from worn pin or a failure of the system controlling the opening mechanism (espagnolette).
  3. Draft from under the window. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the seal.
  4. Difficulty when moving the sliding window. The problem is most often caused by a dirty guide, which simply needs to be cleaned and lubricated.
  5. Water between the panes. In such a case, it may be necessary to replace the glazing unit.

How to use windows without damaging them?

To avoid damage and extend the life of your windows, it is worth following a few rules:

  • Do not burden the window sash with heavy objects and avoid hanging heavy things on it.
  • During strong winds, do not open the window wide, as this may result in the glass breaking.
  • Do not press the window forcefully – always check whether any object is stuck between the frame and the sash.
  • Avoid placing hot objects near the window as they may crack the glazing.
  • When opening or closing the window, follow the instructions regarding the operation of the handle.

Taking care of windows is not only about proper use, but also maintenance. It is worth avoiding the use of chemical products with abrasive substances, cleaning the window profile with a solvent, or washing it with sharp wheels. A service inspection at least every two years can help avoid more serious faults. Windows, like any device, wear out over time. By undergoing a service inspection, you can extend their life and avoid costly repairs.

Before you decide to buy a new window, it is always worth consulting with experts. Window repairs may cost differently, depending on the type and scale of the defect, but are usually priced individually. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your windows regularly to avoid more serious problems. Remember that proper use and care of windows can significantly extend their life, which is important for the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

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