Bathroom faucet failure – repair methods

Bathroom faucets are an extremely important element of every bathroom equipment. Taking a shower, washing your hands or washing your face every day would be impossible without a properly functioning faucet. Unfortunately, due to intensive use, bathroom faucets are exposed to various types of faults. In this article, we will look at the most common causes of bathroom faucet failure and consider how to deal with it.

Bathroom faucet failure – clogged aerator

A clogged aerator is one of the most common faucet problems. The usual cause is limescale buildup in the water. The solution is relatively simple – just rinse the dirty part of the aerator and install it again. This can often improve water flow and return the faucet to normal operation.

Problem with the faucet – leaking water

Leaking water from faucets is another common problem. This type of failure is most often caused by worn out seals that require replacement. Unfortunately, in some cases the cause will be a damaged head, which is also worth replacing.

Loose Battery Components

Bathroom faucet failure

With heavy use, the battery may become loose. Fortunately, a wobbly faucet does not mean it is completely damaged and requires replacement. In most cases, the solution is much simpler and cheaper. Just tighten the individual elements of the battery to restore its functionality.

Bathroom faucet failure and water and sewage service

However, there are situations when it is difficult to determine the source of the battery failure or its damage is so serious that independent repair is not possible. In such cases, it is worth using the services of a professional water and sewage service. Specialists will perform a thorough diagnosis of the problem, which will allow for its effective repair. It is important to entrust these types of tasks to experienced specialists.

To sum up, bathroom faucets, although extremely durable, can be subject to various failures. In many cases, you can deal with the problem yourself, with just a few simple steps. However, in situations of more serious failures or when the cause of the problem is unclear, it is worth using the services of a professional water and sewage service.

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