Balustrade – safety and comfort in using the stairs

The balustrade, which is an indispensable element of most stairs, plays a key role in maintaining the safety and comfort of their use. Proper selection and installation of balustrades is therefore extremely important, especially in homes where children and the elderly live. It is worth paying attention to the regulations regarding the requirements that railings must meet to ensure the optimal level of safety.

When installing internal railings, it is also worth paying attention to their aesthetics and style, which should harmoniously blend with the interior design. Nowadays, there are various models and designs of balustrades on the market, which allows you to find a solution that meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.


According to the regulations, the height of the railing cannot be lower than 90 cm. If there are children in the house, care should be taken to properly space the filling elements, such as wooden balusters or steel posts – the distance between them should not exceed 12 cm. In addition, it is important that the horizontal elements of the railing do not create an attractive ladder for children.

One of the key aspects of assembly is the solidity and stability of the structure. In the case of curtain filling (e.g. glass or aluminum panels), it is also extremely important to properly fix these elements to the handrail. It is worth considering the installation of an additional handrail at a height of approx. 75 cm on the inside of the balustrade, which will increase the comfort of using the stairs for children and the elderly and less able.



Nowadays, there are railings made of various materials, offering a wide range of shapes and colors. Wooden baluster railings perfectly match wooden stairs. Filling elements can have various forms, e.g. simple posts with a square cross-section, milled or turned into various shapes. Reinforced concrete and wooden stairs are often combined with a wrought iron railing, which can create an impressive appearance.

Modern stairs with glass steps go well with balustrades in the form of railings. They fit with a handrail made of steel tube and filling made of thin steel cords. In a situation where there is little space for the stairs and their run is between two walls, a solution with the handrail placed in a deep longitudinal groove can be used.

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