Auto-closing doors to make everyday life easier

Auto-closing doors can significantly raise the standard of security and functionality in residential buildings and garages. It offers the possibility to adjust the closing speed and force. This is required primarily in the case of entrance, garage or fire doors to meet the requirements of the building code.

The basic rules for closing the door result from the need to ensure security. If the car is running in the garage, exhaust fumes will not enter the house. In case of fire, the door guarantees the insulation of the room. Although spring hinges are the most common solution, the automatic closer is much more advanced.

Preparation and execution

Tools and materials needed for installation: knife, masking tape, pencil, tape measure, square, drill, screwdriver and Allen keys. The door closer installation process begins with determining the door opening direction. Next, we mark the drilling locations – most of the kits contain templates that facilitate precise marking of the drilling locations. Then we make pilot holes, and then we assemble the body of the soft closer. The next step is to install the arm holder. Then we assemble the arm and make the necessary adjustments so that the door closes properly.


Auto-closing doors

The door closer is equipped with adjustment screws that allow you to adjust the speed and force with which the door closes. After making the adjustment, we install the cover and enjoy the effects of our work. Thanks to this solution, the door meets the requirements of the building code, offering much greater adjustment possibilities than spring hinges.


It is worth noting that the auto-closing door is not only a practical but also a safe solution. It ensures that the door will always remain closed. This prevents dangerous exhaust fumes from entering the house or spreading fire in the event of a fire. Installing such a device is an investment that pays off in both practical and aesthetic terms. The door closer is discreet and unobtrusive, and at the same time increases the comfort of their use.

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