3D flooring as an innovation in interior design

Discover the extraordinary possibilities of interior design with 3D floors – an effective and durable solution that will work both in private houses and apartments, as well as in hotels, SPAs, clubs and restaurants. 3D floors are unique, three-dimensional surfaces that combine aesthetics with functionality.

3D floors are characterized by depth and go well with various styles of interior design, such as naturalistic, Scandinavian, industrial or modern. They are used in rooms for various purposes, such as bathrooms, kitchens, halls, terraces, balconies, gyms, as well as in public places, such as clubs, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools or concert and dance halls.

What are 3D floors made of?

3D floors are made of liquid synthetic resin (epoxy, polyurethane, less often of methacrylic and polyester resins) and a hardener. In commercial applications where there is a high mechanical, thermal or chemical stress, polyurethane-cement compositions can be used. It is also possible to combine synthetic resin with quartz aggregate.

We distinguish different types of 3D floors, such as glossy, matte, non-slip and with different colors and textures. When choosing a 3D floor for your interior, you can opt for an option that combines several features, for example, a non-slip floor with a rough texture and a matte shade. Making a 3D floor requires experience and appropriate tools, so it is recommended to entrust this task to specialists. An alternative can be 3D tiles or glass floor tiles, which are easier to lay yourself. However, keep in mind that 3D effect glass tiles are not as durable as synthetic resin 3D floors.

3D floors

The price of 3D floors depends on many factors, such as thickness, surface size, location or varnish coating. The average price per square meter oscillates around PLN 300/m2. It may increase in the case of unusual graphics or more decorative elements. In addition, it is worth considering the labor costs associated with the execution of the floor. Especially if you decide to prepare the surface and mix the components yourself.

Despite the higher price compared to traditional solutions, the 3D floor is an original and innovative way to finish interiors. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping moderation in the use of three-dimensional effects to avoid satiety, which can be tiring and irritating in the long run.


3D floors are a modern and effective interior design solution that combines aesthetics with durability and functionality. They are an excellent choice for both private apartments and houses. They will also work well in public places, such as hotels, restaurants and clubs. It is worth considering such an investment, bearing in mind that well-designed and made 3D floors can serve for many years.

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