Linoleum floors – everything you need to know

There are a limited number of flooring options available on the market today. The average person would have a hard time naming a dozen different types of flooring. This is quite surprising considering the time that has passed since we started laying the floors. However, there are not as many flooring options available as you might expect. However, those that are available are so good that choosing the right type of flooring can be difficult. It is worth considering linoleum as one of the options.

What is linoleum?

It is a type of floor with a canvas backing, covered with linseed oil and cork powder. While it may sound sophisticated and complicated, it is one of the simplest flooring options available on the market. It is made from natural, renewable raw materials, making it an eco-friendly option. The word comes from two Latin words: “linum” (Latin: linseed) and “oleum” (Latin: oil). Linoleum is usually manufactured to resemble another type of flooring, such as tile, wood, or something similar. Nevertheless, many types have unique patterns that appear to be imprinted with grooves to give them a distinctive appearance.

This is one of the easiest floors to install. It can be installed in the form of sheets or tiles. Sheets are more popular and come in rolls similar to carpets, which can be unrolled and glued to the floor in the appropriate way. Tiles are more expensive than sheets, which also contributes to the popularity of sheets. We will now move on to discuss prices, but first it is worth talking about how to install such a floor.

How to clean such floors?

laying linoleum

Linoleum floors require regular cleaning. It’s a good idea to sweep every day and mop at least a few times a week. The choice of the agent you use to clean your floors is up to you. There are many options, but most people choose one of these four solutions. All of them are available in your region and do their job well. Here are four simple methods for cleaning linoleum floors.

How to distinguish linoleum from vinyl?

Linoleum and vinyl are very similar types of flooring and are often confused. Laminate is another type of flooring that is confused with these two, although it is not as similar as vinyl and linoleum. Linoleum and vinyl are similar in many ways, so it’s easiest to discuss the differences by breaking them down into categories. Here are the categories that will help you distinguish vinyl from linoleum.

Installing both vinyl and linoleum can be difficult if you don’t have experience in the field. However, generally speaking, linoleum is considered to be more difficult to install than vinyl flooring. However, it depends on your level of advancement. Vinyl is relatively easy to install, just like laminate. It is thinner than vinyl, which means it bends more easily, which can be an advantage in some cases, but it can also be more difficult to get perfectly straight lines.

The lifespan of a vinyl floor varies greatly. Some types of vinyl will only last 5 years, while others will last over 30 years. Linoleum will typically last at least thirty years, which is at the upper end of the range for vinyl floors. Most come with a warranty that states how long it should last or your money back. Therefore, linoleum is usually much more durable than vinyl, in nine out of ten cases. Of course, there can always be exceptions.

Does linoleum scratch easily?

Compared to some other floors, linoleum scratches easily. However, if you place them in low-traffic areas, the chances of them getting scratched are slim. However, this is not the only way to protect them from scratches. Here are some tips to help keep it looking great, regardless of the situation in your home. The first is to use it in places with low traffic. The second way is to apply a sealant on top. Finally, avoid moving objects across its surface. Therefore, linoleum is not popular in living rooms, except in mobile homes. If you have a footstool, stool or even an armchair with a footstool, they are prone to scratches when moved around.

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