How to make a star ceiling?

The star ceiling is one of the most spectacular ways to use the visual advantages of a stretch ceiling. Thanks to it, the ceiling of the room – in the light of the day presenting itself in a uniform color, after dark and switching on the light source can light up with a mass of small stars, creating an unforgettable effect of the starry sky…

There are two techniques to create a stretch ceiling with a starry sky effect. The first one – older, but easier to implement, is the use of special pins that the installer drives directly into the ceiling coating. The pins are inserted with their heads from the bottom and after the ceiling is illuminated, the light passes through them creating the effect of stars.

Star ceiling – an alternative to the pin goes through them creating the effect of stars.

The second technique is much more complicated and should be performed by a qualified and experienced installer. Instead of pins, optical fibers are used, distributed evenly over the entire plane of the coating and pierced from above. At the same time, they are embedded in the coating, guaranteeing that the stretched foil will not tear or deform at the point of connection with optical fibers.

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