Why go through stretch ceiling training?

Although the process of installing stretch ceilings seems to be simple, in reality it can be difficult. Throughout the process, there are numerous challenges, both major and minor, that require careful handling. Even seasoned contractors with years of experience can make costly mistakes. That is why it is worth investing in stretch ceiling training.

Already at the stage of measuring and dimensioning, complications arise. For the proper creation of the shape of the ceiling, diagonals are necessary, which are not always measured precisely enough. In addition, the key aspect is the precise assembly of the profile systems. Although it seems obvious, improper assembly at key points can result in an effect that the client will not accept. The situation may worsen even more if the selection of dowels for fixing the profiles to the wall turns out to be inappropriate. This can lead to profile deformation. The process of initial fixing of the film is also a source of stress, however, after some practice, the installer gains knowledge about the proper stretching of the material.

Ceilings with four corners seem to be easier to implement. However, with each subsequent corner, there is a possibility of creating wrinkles, which the contractor must be able to deal with effectively. Assuming that errors have been avoided so far and the film has been correctly attached to the durable profiles, another lighting challenge arises. From assembly to proper positioning of the rings and platforms that hold the lighting, every step can be problematic.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the issue of guarantees. If you are installing the ceiling yourself and the warranty is not a priority, this is not a problem. However, if the ceiling is ordered by the customer, it is a natural expectation to be able to transfer the warranty. In practice, most manufacturers require training before they can guarantee their installed products. This limits the possibility of transferring the guarantee to persons without proper training.

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