What kind of lighting for a stretch ceiling?

One of the key advantages of stretch ceilings is that we can install virtually any lighting on or above them. This creates a unique and impossible to replicate effect with other techniques. Light points such as halogen or LED points, hanging lamps or plafonds can be installed on the stretch ceiling. They can also be light lines of various widths flush with the stretch ceiling coating.

However, the effect that reflects the best effect – unavailable for concrete, plasterboard or Armstrong ceilings – is the illumination of the entire surface of the ceiling with uniform light. Then the whole ceiling is one big lamp! In addition, the inner part of the ceiling can be covered with any graphics, so that when the light is turned on, it will start to be displayed on its entire surface, which ensures an incredible visual effect.

Types of lighting for mounting on a stretch ceiling

First, let’s list one by one what can be done with lighting with stretch ceilings? Let’s start with the basics, i.e. halogens, lamps and chandeliers. In principle, any lamp can be selected for installation, but the installer should see and dimension the lamp before installing the stretch ceiling. It is important to choose the right platforms and protective rings for its assembly. If the lamp is really non-standard, you can order special protective rings in the color of the lamp or even with a personalized print! Neither size nor shape should be a problem if the contractor knows the client’s guidelines beforehand.

Oświetlenie nad folią może być białe lub kolorowe (RGB). Colored LED strips are usually mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling, so that in the evening the ceiling sparkles with a riot of different colors. This is a similar effect to LED strips installed on drywall shelves. White LED can also be installed around the perimeter of the stretch ceiling, but more often it is mounted along the entire ceiling, so as to achieve the effect of the entire glowing ceiling. This is the so-called shadowless lighting, so desirable in beauty salons, but also in ordinary bathrooms.

In the case of spreading the LED over the entire ceiling, it is worth considering one more option – namely graphics. You can print it on PVC or fabric and create a glowing image. In a special version, it is printed on the invisible side and only turning on the light reveals the graphics.

Stretch ceiling

Light lines also have many possibilities – from mounting LEDs in profiles near the wall (with or without a diffuser) through making various shapes of intersecting lines on the ceiling – here we limit ourselves technologically to straight lines, without arcs. Even single and three-phase busbars can be mounted and then any lamps designed for the system can be plugged into them.

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