What are fabric stretch ceilings?

Fabric stretch ceilings are an alternative to conventional plastic ceilings. When installing them, you can consider using fabrics of any color or pattern. It is worth noting that not only fabric stretch ceilings, but also wall panels enjoy noticeable interest. They are an even more popular solution, especially in the context of personalized graphics.

The method of installing a fabric stretch ceiling shows some similarity. Although in the case of using foil, additional heating of the room and the coating itself is necessary – in the case of fabrics it is not. The assembly includes the installation of the profile system on the wall or ceiling, and then the application of the prepared finishing material.

An important issue is the fact that all fabrics used for the installation of a stretch ceiling are non-flammable and self-extinguishing. This significantly increases their safety of use. The same cannot be said about stretch ceilings made of PVC film. They are not only combustible, but during the combustion process fragments of the melted material fall to the floor.

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