Wallpaper in the shower – what does it look like after a year of use?

Shower wallpaper… In October 2022 on my favorite “funny photos website” (greetings to Mirek and Mirabelki!) I wrote a short report on how to independently carry out a rather unusual transformation of a small bathroom. The highest-scoring comment under my entry was: “Cool. Call me when they come off. I don’t wish you any harm, I’m just curious? Water is #!$%@?” I took this comment to heart and decided to present photos of the same bathroom after a year of using the shower. This year is just passing…

When modernizing the bathroom, I used vinyl wallpaper instead of tiles – it was also used in the shower cabin. I used vinyl panels on the floor (with stoneware inside), and a stretch ceiling made of PVC foil with full backlight was installed on the ceiling. I used several techniques there that may seem innovative to anyone stuck in the 90s. Let’s start with the floor, where water spilled from the sink or shower appears every day. There are no changes, defects, gaps or swelling. My biggest fear was that the heavy washing machine would be too heavy for the floor and wouldn’t work properly, but that didn’t happen.

Wallpaper and stretch ceiling in the shower?

The stretch ceiling also aroused emotions – especially among people who had no experience with such a solution. Commentators were afraid that water drops would settle on it and “dead flies” would appear on the backlight. Meanwhile, my stretch ceiling looks identical to last year. Even if there have been any changes, I cannot notice them. The stretch ceiling is made of matte transparent foil – it is not shiny and you cannot see whether there are any water stains? Generally, you can’t see anything on it. There are no bow ties either, because coming from the finishing industry I know that it is enough to use adhesive tape to secure between the wall and the profiles to make the ceiling completely tight.

And the wallpaper… Somehow it doesn’t want to come off, despite daily showers. Below you will find close-up photos of the connections and everything is exactly the same as after the renovation. In a year, the wallpapers in the bathroom will probably look the same…

This success encouraged me to try again and in June this year I decided to stick wallpaper on the balcony. No priming or smoothing – just glue and vinyl wallpaper. Two walls, side and interior – and without even removing the clotheslines. The wallpaper survived several downpours without any trace, but I am curious how the wallpaper will cope with snow and low temperatures?

Currently, I am tempted to install stretch fabric coverings with prints as walls. I will lose about 8 millimeters of surface area, but no one will have such even, colorful and pleasant-to-touch walls. This is an absolute novelty in Poland and very few people know about it, but the cost is very attractive.

Source: www.tille.pl

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