SpinLock – repair kit for PVC stretch ceilings

COLORISED is pleased to present another innovative, original product for the stretched ceiling industry. SpinLock is a repair kit for damaged coatings that can also function as a stand-alone solution. It is intended both for installers of stretched ceilings and for individual customers – owners of stretched ceilings.

If, due to an unfortunate coincidence, damage appears on the stretch ceiling, SpinLock allows it to be secured and optimally covered. The set consists of three mounting elements: a protective ring, a threaded cap and a nut with a flat end or a ventilation grille.

How does SpinLock work?

The first step is to estimate the extent of the damage. If it is, for example, a 5-centimeter cut on the foil in a place that does not allow the coating itself to be repaired (by gluing a harpoon), the only alternative is to completely replace it. SpinLock solves this problem. In the case of a 5-centimeter cut, you will need a set with a larger diameter (min. 7 cm). Then the color is selected – by default it is black or white, but you can choose virtually any color. The last step is to choose the type of cap:

  • full – on which you can stick a piece of the same PVC foil from which the stretch ceiling was made
  • vent
  • special – it can be a geometric shape for additional lighting (the color will be transparent) or, for example, a loudspeaker (then the cap will be covered with mesh); in this case, additional fasteners may be necessary.

At the customer’s special request, it is possible to print colorful graphics.

SpinLock is extremely light and after installation, it does not deform or deform the PVC foil.


In the first step, try the ring on the damage and check whether it covers its entire length. If so, use cyano-acrylic glue and stick a ring around the damage. After a few seconds, you can cut out the damaged PVC foil in the center of the ring using a wallpaper cutter.

Then cover the outer side of the thread with glue and insert it into the ring so that it sticks to the already glued ring.

The last step is to screw in the nut. Since the full nut has a small edge at the bottom, you can paste the foil from which the ceiling is made (it should be included in the documentation after installation, or you can ask for a small piece of the manufacturer’s foil).

SpinLock as an independent functional product – revision / recovery

SpinLock does not have to perform only a repair function – it can also be used as an inspection element, giving access to installation elements located above the stretch ceiling (LED power supplies, valves, fuses, electrical boxes, etc.). In this case, the best option may be the version with a ventilation grille, which by default allows you to see what is above it, and to try to see it, you need to position yourself at a very specific angle.

Therefore, SpinLock is an excellent and multi-functional accessory. It is worth considering the idea of adding such a set to customers’ stretched ceilings after the work is completed – they will certainly appreciate that in the event of accidental damage, they will be able to repair it themselves, without calling professionals.
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