Painting metal doors – important aspects

Painting metal doors is a process that requires attention and care to obtain a lasting and aesthetic effect. Here are the important aspects you should consider when painting metal doors:

  1. Surface Preparation: A key step is to thoroughly prepare the door surface. Remove all traces of rust, old paint, dust and dirt. Use a steel wire brush, sandpaper or a grinder to clean the metal surface.
  2. Rust Removal: If there are signs of rust on the door, it is necessary to remove it. Corroded areas can be cleaned using special anti-corrosion preparations or rust converters.
  3. Filling Holes and Cracks: Fill any holes, cracks or irregularities in the door surface with filler. After the mass dries, sand it thoroughly to obtain a smooth surface.
  4. Protecting Unpainted Parts: If your door has parts that should not be painted, such as door handles or locks, protect them with painter’s tape or disassemble them before painting.
  5. Choosing Paint: Choose a paint specifically designed for metal. Phthalate paint is resistant to weather conditions and protects the metal against corrosion. Check whether the paint is suitable both in terms of quality and color.
  6. Preparation Paint: Mix the paint thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the paint is thinned enough and ready to use.
  7. Painting: Start painting, starting with edges and hard-to-reach areas, then move on to larger surfaces. Apply the paint in a thin layer to avoid streaks and drips.
  8. Painting Layers: Depending on the type of paint and the effect you want to achieve, you may need several layers. Be sure to leave enough time between coats to allow the paint to dry.
  9. Weather Protection: If the door will be exposed to weather conditions, apply anti-corrosion paint or protective varnish to increase its durability and resistance to moisture and UV radiation.
  10. Drying Time: After painting, allow the door to dry completely at the appropriate temperature and humidity. Do not use them before the recommended drying time has passed.
  11. Regular Maintenance: Check the condition of the paint regularly and make any corrections if you notice any chipping or damage.

Painting metal doors can freshen up the look and extend their durability. Compliance with these important aspects and careful implementation will allow you to achieve lasting and aesthetic effects of painting metal doors.

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