NEW PRODUCT: connectors for aluminum profiles for the installation of stretch ceilings made of PVC foil

We would like to inform you that the COLORISED offer now includes connectors for aluminum profiles used for the installation of stretch ceilings made of PVC foil, as well as related ceiling systems. This is a completely original product, which is an absolute novelty on the market. In this article, we present the specifics of our connectors, their types and methods of installation.

Connectors for aluminum profiles are available from ceiling manufacturers, but they only have the form of cut and welded ends, which can also be made by the contractor on-site. Unfortunately, there is not always time for this, not everyone has the required tools (miter saw or welding machine) or can do it well (welding aluminum is not easy)… On the other hand, aluminum profile connectors are a great help in creating light lines from LED strips, and purchasing a ready-made solution saves a lot of time. In terms of costs, the price of our solutions is very competitive to existing alternatives.

Connectors for aluminum profiles

Our connectors are made of plastic and fit well to selected aluminum profiles. Why plastic instead of cutting and welding aluminum corners? Firstly, it is difficult to maintain repeatability and standardization. The quality of profile cutting and welding are crucial. Secondly, the profiles are always “raw”, so they need to be cleaned and the sharp elements reduced with a file. Thirdly, there is the problem of LED strips and soldering them or making holes in the profiles to create a “loop” and lead the LED further without cutting the strip.

In our solution, these problems do not exist because we have designed appropriate technical holes for mounting the LED strip, the sizes of the connectors are repeatable down to the millimeter, and there are no sharp edges because the way they are made of plastics naturally eliminates this defect. Achieving this effect required several months of work and dozens of prototypes, but thanks to this we managed to achieve all the assumed load requirements along with the proper holding of the grille.

Installation of connectors to aluminum profiles

Installing connectors to aluminum profiles is simple – just press a connector coated with foil gel adhesive onto the end of the aluminum profile or tighten it with a sheet metal screw. The connectors have additional supports to protect them during transport, but they are stiffened only between the aluminum profiles. Important – do not try to break the structural elements by force! After all, these are plastics that will achieve their final stiffness and strength when combined with an aluminum profile.

connectors for aluminum profiles
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