Multimedia screen in windows and mirrors

With the dynamic development of technology, window joinery and mirror solutions have undergone a breakthrough transformation. Now, an intelligent multimedia screen can be placed in the glass or mirror, opening up amazing possibilities. What exactly are they and what benefits do they offer?

Smart Window Glass

Intelligent window glass, based on LCD liquid crystal display technology, introduces a completely new dimension to interior design. These advanced solutions allow you to modify the transparency of the windows depending on your needs. In one moment we can enjoy the full view outside the window. In the next one, you get complete privacy because the windows become opaque. These functions are controlled via touch or a smartphone application, which makes it extremely simple and convenient.

Multifunctional Screens

Transparent LCD liquid crystal displays are the next step in the development of intelligent window glass. Thanks to this technology, the window becomes a multifunctional computer screen or tablet. By introducing such a solution to our windows, we can use them to display images, browse websites, and even use instant messaging. This is a great option both at home and in the office, where you can work comfortably while enjoying the view outside the window.

Touch Screen Mirrors

Touch screen mirrors are another example of revolutionary solutions in interior design. Thanks to the use of glass covered with a highly reflective mirror coating, we obtain a product that, at first glance, looks like a traditional mirror. However, when turned on, it can create a TV display, perfect for watching the news or your favorite programs. This is a perfect solution for bathrooms or bedrooms.

multimedia screen

Multimedia Windows

The Polish manufacturer Oknoplast has introduced innovative multimedia windows equipped with LCD matrices. These smart windows remain transparent, bringing natural light into the interior. On their surface we can display movies, browse photo galleries, use the Internet or applications, all using a touch screen. These windows can also act as virtual blinds or awnings, providing control over the light in the room.

Multi-purpose Door with TV Screen

Innovative solutions also reach the doors. The screen works as a TV and at the same time a touch screen, allowing you to use various functions such as music, movies and games. The infrared sensor allows you to control the device using a remote control. When turned off, the screen becomes invisible, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the interior.

Intelligent multimedia screen – summary

Intelligent window glass and mirrors with a multimedia screen are not only modern solutions, but also a great way to improve the comfort of life and the aesthetics of interiors. This is a great example of how technology can be integrated with design, creating unique and functional spaces. As available, we can expect to see even more applications in our homes and offices.

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