How to hang lamps on a suspended ceiling?

Mounting the lamp on the suspended ceiling is similar largely to the mounting of chandeliers. If you want to place a halogen point in the stretch foil, before installing the stretch ceiling, power should be supplied to the desired places and universal platforms should be installed there according to their size. After fastening the foil, O-rings (protective rings) should be glued in places where the light point will be and cut holes inside them. Thanks to this, we will get access to the previously established platform, to which the target halogen or lamp can be mounted.

In any case, leave the assembly of lamps and chandeliers to specialists – they know what to use to make the final effect look professional. But what to do when the light bulb burns out? With the chandelier there is no problem with changing the bulb. You just have to be careful not to pull the lamp down too hard and not to damage the mounting elements. Be careful with halogens. Sometimes just removing the burned-out halogen is not easy, but special attention should be paid not to break the protective ring that holds the foil. It is not attached to the lamp, but you can accidentally break it because it is made of a thin piece of plastic.

suspended ceiling lamps

There is also one more way to make lighting and it’s hidden! Appropriate satin and matte foils completely mask what is above them, but let in quite a lot of light. LED strips can be mounted in such a way that the strips are just above the foil (2mm). The effect is that until the light is turned on, you can’t see its location. Only the lighting shows how the light lines are arranged.

suspended ceiling lamps
Photo: DXB Dariusz Buczek (all rights reserved)
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