Caring for panels as an effective way to extend their life

As a versatile finishing material, panels are a popular choice in many homes and spaces. They offer not only aesthetic appearance, but also functionality and durability. However, over time and use, the panels can become scratched and damaged. Proper care and maintenance of the panels is a key aspect that allows you to keep their impeccable appearance for longer.

If you have already noticed some scratches on the laminate floor, now is the best time to eliminate them. Read what causes scratches on the panels and how you can deal with them. We present easy-to-follow tips for daily maintenance, proper cleaning and prevention of unwanted marks.

Reasons for the formation of scratches

Scratches on the floor panels can appear for various reasons. They often result from our improper use or exposure of the panels to contact with sharp objects. Here are some examples of situations that can cause scratches on the floor:

Moving heavy furniture without protecting the legs with felt pads can cause deep scratches.

  • walking on the panels in shoes with heels made of hard material can also damage them
  • using the wrong vacuum cleaner tip when cleaning can leave small scratches on the panels
  • pets, especially dogs with long claws, may scratch the panels
  • a glass or other hard object falling from a great height may cause more damage
  • the use of a chemical agent with a caustic substance may cause stains and discoloration on the panels
  • excessive use of underfloor heating with too high a temperature can damage the panels

Caring for panels – removing scratches

taking care of the panels

In the case of minor scratches on the panels, there are several effective methods to remove them. There are special preparations, waxes and repair kits available on the market that will help you get rid of scratches. If the scratches are small and shallow, a special marker, filler or wood chalk can be used. If there are slight discolorations, oil or a special panel polish can be used. Remember to read the instructions on the packaging before using the product.

Panel repair paste is also an effective method of removing scratches. The paste fills cavities and scratches, masking damage. It is enough to carefully fill the damaged place with the paste, and then spread it evenly with a spatula. Excess paste can be removed with a paper towel and wait for the paste to dry and harden. Another solution is panel repair wax, which allows you to effectively get rid of every scratch. The wax is available in different colors to match the color of the panels. It acts as a filler, filling cavities and masking damage. In the event of major damage, individual panels may need to be replaced. In such a situation, it is worth contacting a specialist who will thoroughly replace the damaged panel with a new one.

Scratch prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. There are a few simple rules we can implement to prevent scratches on the panels:

  • avoid walking around the house in high-heeled shoes
  • change your shoes to soft-soled indoor shoes when you get home
  • warn household members against moving furniture on the floor without protecting the legs with felt pads
  • regularly vacuum and maintain the panels with appropriate care products
  • avoid exposing panels to moisture, water or other liquids
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