Wooden stairs – types and construction

Wooden stairs are not only functional, but also an important element of interior design in single-family houses. Their shape, finish and type of wood affect the style and appearance of the entire room. Therefore, when choosing them, it is worth paying attention to their construction and type of wood.

Wooden stairs are made of various types of deciduous wood, such as maple, beech, birch, oak, ash, cherry, walnut and exotic wood. Although softwoods, such as pine, are cheaper, they are less often used to make stairs. It is important that the wood used for the steps is at least class II quality, and the other supporting elements of the stairs should be made of hardwood class I. The wood should have densely arranged rings, be dry (humidity below 8-12%) and free of knots and defects. Steps can be made of solid or laminated wood.

Due to the high requirements for the quality of wood, prefabricated elements for the production of wooden stairs, such as glued solid wood panels or plywood varieties, are increasingly used. It is important to avoid batten and slat blockboards.

Wooden stairs consist of several basic elements:

  • flight – this is the sloping part of the stairs, which we climb. It consists of steps and runs in one direction
  • palate – is the underside of the course
  • landing – is a horizontal plate on the mezzanine, allowing to change the course of the stairs
  • landing – it is the same slab as the landing, but placed on the first floor
  • tread – is the horizontal part of the step on which we put our foot
  • riser – is the vertical part of the step; in the absence of a riser, the stairs are openwork
  • cheek – is a side beam of the run or other structural element

Types of wooden stairs:

wooden stairs

Ladder stairs – consist of two stringers and treads, usually serve as auxiliary, e.g. to the basement or attic.

Stringer stairs – consist of two stringers, treads and risers. They are more convenient to use than ladder stairs.

Winding stairs – they are installed where there is no space for large stairs, e.g. in an adapted attic or in small apartments.

Choosing the right wooden stairs is crucial for the aesthetics and functionality of the interior. Well-made and properly selected stairs are an important decorative and practical element in every home. It is worth paying attention to the type of wood and the construction of the stairs to enjoy a beautiful and durable piece of equipment for many years.

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