Window treatment: how to plaster the reveals and insert window sills

Window treatment is a key element of the home interior finishing process. These works, both internal and façade, are performed by a specialist team of plasterers. In this article, we will discuss the window installation process and the necessary steps related to the processing of the frame and the installation of window sills.

Windows are installed when the building is closed when it is open. They are inserted into the prepared hole and mechanically attached to the walls around it. To achieve the appropriate position of the windows, special installation wedges are used. It is important to secure the window with a vapor-tight tape on the inside and a vapor-permeable tape on the outside. The space between the tapes is filled with polyurethane foam.

Window treatment – division of work

Internal finishing: The interior of the building, including window jambs, is finished by plasterers who deal with finishing works. You can also arrange the installation of internal window sills with them.

External treatments: Window treatments outside the building are often an element of façade finishing, especially in insulation systems. A team of facade plasterers performs external treatments and installs external window sills.

Plastering mass in the frame processing

To finish the reveal, plaster or plaster is used, depending on the wall finish. It is important that the grain of the plaster mass corresponds to the grain used to plaster the walls. In the case of plaster or cement-lime plasters on walls, the same type of plaster is used for processing the frame.

Preparation of the substrate and processing of the frame

Before processing the frame, the windows should already be inserted and the corners around the openings should be fixed. Windows should be protected with foil to avoid getting them dirty or damaged during work. The reveals should be cleaned of loose elements and excess mounting foam.

Installation of internal window sills

Installing internal window sills is the last step before finishing the door frame. The window sill is placed with a slight slope towards the interior of the room. It can be inserted into the undercut in the window profile or pushed close to the bottom edge. The space under the windowsill is filled with mounting foam, trying to maintain the appropriate volume. After placing the window sill in the appropriate position, it is necessary to slightly load it so that the foam solidifies in the appropriate position.

Window treatment – summary

Window treatment is an indispensable element of the process of finishing the interior of the house and the facade. Correct performance of these works is important for both the aesthetics and insulation of the building. Therefore, it is important to hire the right professionals and take care of every detail, both inside and outside the building.

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