Why create compostable ECO Lamps?

Unlike synthetic materials derived from fossil fuels, which take hundreds of years to decompose, bioplastics have one great advantage – they are biodegradable or compostable. This means that after use, they can permanently disappear from the face of the earth within weeks or months, without harming the natural environment. The rest are unfortunately disadvantages…

Bioplastics are less durable than synthetic materials – they have lower mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. They are not suitable for strictly industrial applications, where hardness and flexibility are of great importance. So where can they be used? Maybe in places where the item obviously has a limited lifespan? For example in lamps, lighting accessories or furniture?

Most people who own a house or apartment decide to refresh their interiors on average every 5 years (+/-2) (except for extreme cases, such as lack of money, illness or addiction). They paint walls, renovate ceilings or floors, replace furniture, windows and doors. During such renovation, lighting accessories, mainly lamps, often become a “victim” of the work. Therefore, it can be assumed – excluding extremely expensive and exclusive products – that the lifespan of a typical lamp is the above-mentioned 5 years (+/-2). Old lamps usually end up in the trash. Hence the idea – what if we produce lamps that decompose naturally within a few months at most? Bioplastics become the perfect solution here!

The best material to create such ECO Lamps is thermoplastic starch obtained from potatoes. Fully compostable at home or buried in the ground. It decomposes in the natural environment under the influence of microorganisms, and after the composting process, only natural and harmless substances such as water, CO2 and organic matter remain in the soil or composter.

Our ECO Lamps made of potato starch are currently available in four color variants: natural, pearl-white, vanilla-yellow, mint-green and powder-pink. At the same time, the color palette is gradually expanding.

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