Tiles for internal stairs – which ones to choose?

Internal stairs are an important element of every home. Properly finished, they can be not only a practical part of the interior, but also its decoration. One of the popular materials for finishing stairs are ceramic tiles. They are easy to keep clean and extremely durable. If you are wondering which tiles to choose for internal stairs, read our tips.

Tiles for internal stairs – selection tips

1. Safety is a priority

The key aspect to consider when choosing tiles for interior stairs is safety. Stairs are a place where we often move around the house, so the finishing material must provide adequate grip to avoid dangerous slipping.

2. Degree of anti-slip properties

When purchasing tiles for stairs, pay attention to the anti-slip level, marked with the letter R. To ensure safety, choose tiles with the symbol R9 and above. Material with this marking will be non-slip, which is especially important in homes with children or the elderly.

3. Anti-slip mats

If you already have stairs finished with tiles that do not meet the anti-slip requirements, you do not have to carry out an expensive renovation. You can invest in anti-slip mats that will significantly improve the safety of using the stairs.

4. Abrasion class

Internal stairs are often an intensively used place, so the finishing material must be abrasion-resistant. Before purchasing tiles, check their abrasion class, marked with the PEI symbol. Stair tiles should have PEI 4 class, which guarantees their durability and scratch resistance.

5. Material selection

One of the recommended materials for stair tiles is stoneware. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns, which allows it to match any interior design. It can imitate marble, wood, stone or even concrete, which gives many arrangement possibilities.

6. Matching the interior style

When choosing tiles for internal stairs, it is also worth considering the style of the interior. Tiles imitating wood will fit perfectly into classic and rustic arrangements, while stoneware imitating marble will suit both modern and elegant interiors.

Tiles for internal stairs – summary

It is worth investing in tiles for internal stairs that combine aesthetics and functionality. Safe, non-slip and abrasion-resistant tiles will not only ensure durability, but also maintain their aesthetic appearance for many years of use. Choosing the right tiles for internal stairs is not only a matter of aesthetics, but above all, safety and durability. It is worth paying attention to the degree of anti-slip properties, abrasion class and whether the material matches the style of the interior. Ceramic tiles, especially those marked R9 and PEI 4, are an excellent choice, providing not only an attractive appearance, but also safety and durability. For additional protection, you can also invest in non-slip mats. Thanks to this, the stairs will become not only a practical element of the house, but also an aesthetic decoration, maintaining their appearance for many years of use.

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