The most common mistakes in apartment renovations

Renovating your own apartment can be both an exciting project and a nightmare full of surprises. Many of us decide to do our own finishing work, but we often make mistakes that result in disappointment with the results. What are the most common mistakes when carrying out renovation and finishing works?

1. Lack of plan and proper preparation

When we start a renovation without a specific plan, we often waste time on chaotic activities. An inconsistent sequence of works generates additional costs and extends the renovation time. Neglecting the security and preparation of the apartment before renovation may lead to damage and additional cleaning work.

2. Underestimation of the Budget

Even carefully estimated amateur estimates rarely include all expenses. Lack of experience makes precise pricing difficult, which usually ends in higher costs than expected.

3. Unsafe Electrical Practices

Starting electrical work without proper knowledge carries not only financial but also health risks.

4. Failure to Comply with Health and Safety Rules

The most common renovation mistakes

Carelessness, rash actions or lack of appropriate tools often result in a visit to the emergency room.

5. Color Mismatch

The wrong choice of colors can visually reduce the space and make the apartment seem smaller.

The most common mistakes during renovations – summary

If we lack experience and knowledge, it is worth using the services of professionals. This will save you time, avoid stress and unnecessary costs. Renovations are not only about aesthetics, but also finances and safety, so it is worth approaching them with caution and awareness of your own skills.

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