Shelf stairs – a modern and designer element of the interior

The shelf staircase is a unique staircase design that is distinguished by the lack of cantilever beams and traditional risers. The steps have load-bearing elements made of steel or a composite of plastic or wood hidden inside, which gives them a modern and minimalist look. Stairs of this type are becoming more and more popular among people looking for unusual solutions in interior design, so when creating a new home or office decor, it is worth taking this solution into account.

Shelf stairs perfectly match the modern style, especially in industrial or Scandinavian arrangements. Depending on your preferences and the nature of the room, you can choose a variant due to the material from which they were made, such as wood, glass, metal, steel, stone or conglomerate. Stairs of this type are made to order, which allows them to be adapted to the individual needs and taste of the customer.

Installation and costs

The assembly of shelf stairs is made to order and requires appropriate skills and experience. Stairs must meet certain requirements for their strength and safety. Railing is optional but recommended, especially for homes with small children. However, it should be borne in mind that the installation of a railing can significantly increase the cost of the entire project.

The price of shelf stairs depends on the selected materials and construction. The cheapest are glass or metal stairs, while conglomerate or stone stairs can be more expensive. Sample prices range from 11-12 thousand. PLN up to 16-20 thousand PLN. In the case of unusual shapes of steps or additional railing assembly, the cost may be higher.


shelf stairs

Shelf stairs are an innovative solution that allows you to give the interior a unique character and original design. Their modern aesthetics and functionality make them an attractive alternative to traditional stairs. If you are looking for an unusual element of home furnishing, shelf stairs can be an excellent choice.

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