Renovation of wooden stairs step by step

Wooden stairs are one of the most important elements in our homes. They are not only an element connecting the floors, but also have an important aesthetic function and are a showcase of our interiors. Unfortunately, over time, wooden stairs can be damaged, lose their original appearance and expose us to danger.

Therefore, the renovation of wooden stairs is a process that allows you to restore them to their former glory, as well as increase their durability and functionality. During the renovation of wooden stairs, it is important to perform a number of actions that will allow you to achieve the best end result. The most important step is to assess the condition of the stairs, which will determine what work will be required and what materials will be needed.

The shape and dimensions of the stairs

The shape of the flight of stairs depends primarily on their location inside the house. The stairs can be placed in a separate staircase or directly in the living room or corridor, being at the same time a decorative element of the interior. The most convenient are straight, one- or two-flight stairs with a straight or corner landing. Mixed stairs are also quite popular, in which part of the run is straight and part in the shape of a trapezoid (so-called treatment stairs). With less intensive communication between floors or use to enter the adapted attic, spiral stairs are also installed, which occupy a small area.

The location of the stairs also determines their construction, which is important for the possibility and manner of carrying out renovation works. Wooden stairs hidden in the staircase are placed as straight or curved with a spindle construction ensuring stable, both-sided support of individual steps on the walls of the staircase or on the wall and the so-called. soul – the inner wall separating the flights of stairs.

Evaluation of the condition of the stairs and repair possibilities

Renovation works will depend on the type and size of the defects and damage found. Wooden stairs after years are subject to wear mainly in the form of abrasion of the surface of the steps, and even their deformation due to mechanical damage causing chipping of the edges of the steps. Stairs with two self-supporting stringers are particularly susceptible to such damage, as the beams are most often supported only at their ends.

The scope of work in the renovation of wooden stairs may include the repair and renewal of the surface, the laying of a new step covering and the stabilization of the structure. Wood losses caused by chipping or damage to a section of the profile are repaired by inserting a new piece of wood after the previous cutout has been made.


renovation of stairs

Step-by-step renovation of wooden stairs requires consideration of several aspects, such as the shape and construction of the stairs, their condition and the desired end result. The scope of work may include refreshing the surface, repairing defects and stabilizing the structure, up to the installation of new overlays or full covering of the stairs with carpet. It is also important to use an appropriate protective coating that will protect the wood from damage and ensure proper aesthetics.

Renovation of wooden stairs is not an easy task, requiring precision, skills and specialized tools. Therefore, it is worth entrusting them to professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of wood renovation. Thanks to this, the stairs will not only be safe and comfortable to use, but will also become a beautiful decorative element of the interior that will delight every guest visiting us.

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