Photo wallpaper in Interior Design: Which Solution to Choose?

One of the effective ways to change the existing interior design is a photo wallpaper on the wall. By choosing an eye-catching pattern, we can completely change the character of the room, giving it a new, fascinating dynamic. The question that may arise regarding photo wallpapers is: how many walls should they be placed on? There are many arrangement possibilities, each of them creating a completely different experience. Before making a choice, it is worth knowing the available options.

Custom-made photo wallpaper: Decoration for every interior

Custom-made photo wallpaper is an extremely flexible solution that fits various types of rooms. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a spacious living room or a wet bathroom, there are many types of photo wallpapers available, which gives us a wide range of arrangement possibilities. When purchasing a custom-made photo wallpaper, it is worth providing the exact dimensions of the wall so that the pattern can be scaled appropriately. Even sloping or uneven walls are not an obstacle. It is also important how the photo wallpaper is glued, because it can be displayed in various ways. On one wall, on two or more, or even above the wainscoting.

Photo wallpapers on one wall: the perfect solution for landscapes and architecture

A photo wallpaper on one wall is perfect for landscapes, city panoramas or architectural motifs. It is worth choosing patterns that create a coherent whole, because such compositions look best on one wall. Separating them into two walls may disturb the effect of spaciousness and the sense of depth, which is not desirable. Patterns imitating various materials, such as concrete, brick, boards or marble, are also perfect for placing on one wall, giving the interior elegance. A photo wallpaper above the wainscoting is also an interesting solution that adds character to the interior.

Wallpaper on Several Walls: A Solution for Great Experiences

If we want the entire room to be stunning, we can choose a photo wallpaper placed on several walls. In this case, a variety of patterns will work perfectly, both abstract and geometric, as well as floral ones with floral or leaf motifs. It is important that the patterns are subdued in color, especially in spacious rooms. By choosing a photo wallpaper for several walls, we can give the interior a cozier character and balanced aesthetics.

To sum up, when choosing a photo wallpaper for our interior, we should consider the effect we want to achieve. Photo wallpapers on one wall perfectly highlight landscapes and architectural motifs, while photo wallpapers on several walls make the interior dynamic and cozy. It is also important to match the colors of the pattern to the size and character of the room to create a harmonious arrangement. By choosing the right photo wallpaper, we can create a space that will delight us every day.

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