How to restore the splendor of the door?

Renewing your doors is essential to keep them looking great. After all, the front door welcomes your family every day, as well as guests. They can even add charm to the exterior, so it’s important to make it an inviting place.

Wooden doors are a classic choice, but they are increasingly being replaced by modern materials such as fiberglass and PVC, mainly because wooden ones are a bit more difficult to maintain. However, if you have the right tips and give your wooden front/exterior doors the proper attention, they will stand the test of time. Naturally, a wooden front door goes through a lot and can look a bit neglected and tired over time.

How often should you renew the door?


You’ll notice when it’s time to take care of the dilapidated wooden front door. The color will fade, cracks will appear and the paint will peel off. But our advice is not to put it off for later for a better end result. Typically, you will need to take action every 3-5 years.

Refresh the platform

Remove flaking weather-damaged paint from the sill, preparing it for a new coat. Instead of using a general paint stripper, try to choose a product designed to remove a specific finish. Cleaning up the steps will only help improve the appearance of the best front door designs.

Refresh the doorframe

Remove all peeling and flaking paint from the door casing. A brass brush may be useful for this task, but a steel brush will scratch soft stones. A steel scraper can be used with care – hold it at a slight angle to avoid biting into the stone. Fill cracks and crevices with lime mortar (a mixture of sand and lime mortar).

Refresh brass door elements

Protect the wood by sticking painter’s tape around the edge of the letterbox. Tarnished metal can be cleaned with a brass and copper cleaner, which you rub gently with very fine steel wool. Rinse and dry. Finally, protect the coating with clear wax.

Remove dirt and old wax

Remove old wax coatings, dirt and grime from wooden doors. Dip cotton steel wool in the wax remover and gently brush the wood in the direction of the grain. Wait a few minutes, then wipe off the dirt with a clean cotton cloth. Change the side of the cloth on a regular basis to remove dirt.

Door oiling

door painting

Apply the oil with a brush or cloth. Allow the oil to penetrate and wipe the residue off the surface after 30 minutes (excess oil will be sticky). Apply four coats to oak doors and exposed wood, leaving 24 hours between coats. Rub gently with steel wool between applied coats.

Renovation costs

A quick job like this can only cost 30-40 zlotys. This will be more costly if you are buying a new doorbell button or want to apply a coat of paint, which will increase material costs. However, items such as painter’s tapes, brushes, etc. are investments that will make general DIY projects much easier.

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