Egg paint is an innovation in painting

What are the characteristics of eggshell paint? Why is it an attractive option for home painting projects? These questions often arise among people who deal with interior decoration. Eggshell paint, literally “egg-like”, can be a great choice for your home. Why? It offers a subtle alternative to popular matte and gloss paints, offering a more satin-like finish.

Eggshell paint is a versatile solution, ideal for both painting walls and adding finishing touches to baseboards, door frames and window frames. Below we take a closer look at the uses of eggshell paint, the benefits of its use and the differences between other popular types of paint.

Perfect for wood

The low glow of eggshell paint makes it less reflective and is a good choice for older homes that may have more surface irregularities than newer buildings. Eggshell paint, thanks to its versatility, is a great solution for areas with surface imperfections, such as walls and wooden elements. Its non-diffusing surface makes it more difficult to notice any defects when illuminated.

Minor cons of egg paint

The disadvantage of eggshell paint is the lack of a high-gloss finish. If you are looking for a higher gloss finish, choosing between satin and gloss is a matter of preference. Low glow eggshell requires more subtle cleaning to avoid removing the shine and creating inconsistency with the rest of the paint. Additionally, eggshell paint tends to be slightly more expensive than its counterparts, though prices vary depending on the brand and type of paint used.

Types of finishes

egg paint

The main difference between eggshell paint and satin paint is the finish. They are similar in appearance, but eggshell gives a subtle, slightly shiny coating, which makes it easier to clean and usually makes it more durable, meaning it will not need to be repainted as often. Satin is slightly shiny, more durable, and easier to clean, making it a popular choice for joinery items in most homes. In contrast, eggshell is a better choice for less-traffic areas such as bedrooms.

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