Comfortable and functional carpet coverings for any interior

When finishing the floor, it is worth considering a variety of materials, not just classic parquet or panels. One of the interesting and practical solutions is carpet flooring. Choosing the right type of floor covering can significantly affect the comfort and aesthetics of the rooms.

Carpets are perfect for bedrooms and children’s rooms. They are soft, warm and resilient, which ensures comfort when walking barefoot around the apartment. Especially children love to play on the soft carpet. In addition, carpet flooring perfectly muffles sounds and gives the interior coziness.

Where is the carpet best suited?

Carpets are used in various types of rooms, except for those that are exposed to moisture or very dirty. It is important to adapt the type of floor covering to the specificity of the room in which it will be laid.

In the bedroom, you can use a decorative velor or loop carpet with a long and dense pile. Such carpets are soft, warm to the touch and give a sense of comfort. On the other hand, in living rooms and children’s rooms, short-pile loop carpets, which are more durable and resistant to dirt, will work better. For children, it is also worth using a felt underlay, which will provide additional floor insulation.

Carpet flooring can also be a great solution for rooms on the ground floor that are located above cold basements. In the hall, a loop carpet made of easy-to-clean polypropylene is recommended.

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The type of carpet depends on many factors, such as durability, resistance to stains and deformation. The floor covering consists of three layers: fleece, warp and backing. Choosing the right type of fiber affects the appearance, quality and durability of the floor covering. The most popular are mixed fiber carpets, which combine the advantages of different materials.

Carpets made of wool fibers are soft and resistant to fading, but they are not recommended for allergy sufferers. On the other hand, carpets made of synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene, polyamide and acrylic, are very durable, resistant to abrasion and stains, and easy to keep clean. In addition, those made of synthetic fibers have a wide range of colors and are resistant to solar radiation, flame retardant and do not electrify.


Laying carpet is possible on a variety of floors, both new and damaged. The floor covering can be glued to the substrate with glue or laid on a rubber base, fixing it with skirting boards.

In order to maintain proper cleanliness and aesthetics, they should be vacuumed regularly and stains removed immediately after they appear. Periodic cleaning of the carpet can be carried out using washing vacuum cleaners, steam aggregates or use the services of specialists. It is also important to use the right vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter or a water filter.

Carpet flooring is an attractive and functional solution for any interior. Thanks to them, you can create cozy and comfortable rooms that will be conducive to relaxation and rest.

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