5 advantages of installing a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are a type of interior finish where a thin, flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foil is stretched over a special frame structure, creating a smooth and uniform surface. The stretch ceiling can be used both in new buildings and during renovations, when we want to quickly and effectively hide the irregularities of the old ceiling, installations or wires.

This type of interior finishing is extremely popular in Eastern Europe and in France, however, for several years it has become one of the basic solutions also in Poland and other countries. Stretch ceilings have a number of advantages over other, traditional ceilings – including those made of drywall. In this article, we present the 5 most important advantages of installing a stretch ceiling compared to other technological solutions.

Stretch ceiling – speed and cleanliness

In conversations with contractors, the topic of the so-called “embarrassment of riches” This is the time of the year when customers use the renovation more than they can handle. When asked when this happens, the usual answer is “before Christmas”.

Stretch ceilings

Indeed, holidays are conducive to meetings with family, and as you know, guests should be hosted in the best possible conditions. Ordinary renovations lasting several to a dozen or so days are not an option then. A stretch ceiling that can be installed indoors in literally one day. And this, together with the installation of lighting that is unheard of in other cases, is a perfect solution. The only dirt will be dust from drilling holes in the wall – and that’s only if you don’t immediately remove it with a vacuum cleaner.

Stretch ceiling – replacement

You have made a decision and now you are the owner of a stretch ceiling? Your ceiling has a beautiful gloss black, but after a few years, you change the interior design a bit and suddenly discover that the black gloss no longer fits well with the rest. Now you would like to install a white, matt coating for a change or have graphics with floral elements … No problem! As the original installation was quick, replacing the ceiling is even faster. It is enough to remove the old coating and unfasten the new one in its place. You can also change the lighting completely changing the character of the room, kitchen or bathroom.

Stretch ceilings

And what if after years the fashion for black gloss returns again? As long as you have stored the old coating as recommended, then you can re-hang it, paying only for the labor.

Stretch ceiling – price

Since the installation of the ceiling was cheaper than solutions made of drywall, the replacement of the coating is a fraction of the original price, because the cost of purchasing profiles and their installation is eliminated. Of course, instead of the usual matte or glossy coating, we can add lighting above the foil or a colorful print, which of course will increase the price, but will significantly increase the effect of the interior finish.

Stretch ceilings – alternative solutions with the use of lighting

Jeśli kogoś nie interesują dziesiątki wariantów kolorystycznych jakie oferują sufity napinane z folii, to nadal istnieje sporo innych wersji sufitów. Starting with lighting, which can be made using standard halogen lamps, lamps or chandeliers, through light lines of various thicknesses or ceilings that glow entirely like plafonds, ending with hidden graphics that reveal the print only when the light is turned on. It makes an unforgettable impression.

Stretch ceilings – protection and easy access

Most of the time we don’t think about bad things until they affect us. When buying a ceiling, it is worth asking yourself what we are covering and whether we will have to get to it in the future. And also, is there a risk of flooding the room? If we have a neighbor who already has a history of unintentional “floods” – the stretch ceiling can save the apartment by collecting all the water on its surface. What’s more, it can be repaired later without leaving any trace. In terms of access to cables or pipes, the ceiling can be unfastened in a piece, repaired as needed and re-fastened. These are very large and unobvious savings.

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